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Staying Plain

Revived my old blog. I have things to say!

My Life and the History of the World

Plain as Prophecy

It seems a double handful of friends in various places have decided they are no longer plain. When I ask why the answers range from “My husband/family didn’t like it” to “I was tired of telling people I’m not Amish.” The most honest answer was probably “It was a mistake, I wasn’t meant for this.” I won’t question people’s motives, but I can’t see it myself. Plain is so easy – so low-key – so cheap!

A long time ago I got tired of the mirror. I didn’t want to be the person checking her hair, checking her clothes, checking her make-up. I wasn’t fashion obsessed, but I had the idea that as an artist, my body was a canvas, and I would show the world who I was by what I displayed on it. But instead of having a number of “costumes” that went on easily, so as to…

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About Julie

Bishop of the church and religious order ICCO in The YOKE, based in Iowa City. Former Anglican parish priest, shepherd for ten years, artist, and writer.

2 responses to “Staying Plain

  1. Julie, hello.
    How interesting to have come upon your writings as I have tea at the Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville Virginia in broadfall trousers and hook&eye denim vest— yet hardly even a Regular Attender at meeting here, a cradle Episcopalian going to Rite One mass at Christ Episcopal Church every week! Once with my modest dressing friend we went into the “Pa. Dutch Market” in Kingston NJ and overheard a lady say “WHAT are THEY?” My five foot nothing lady friend whispered — “If they only knew!” … She being a disfellowshipped Dutch Reform expelled from her church for refusing to burn her son’s Magik cards, whatever those are. ANYWAY… I fully agree that as Christians we ought to witness to our faith, and find a way to do that, to be visible public Christians, whether vocal or not. I don’t want to — how to put this?— seem to be “playing dress up” and yet I do want to be more assertively plain than, say, the parents of the students at my kids’ Quaker schools. That is Sears Plain or Lands End Plain, and is okay, but not much of a witness. Well I babble on. I am glad I found your blog! >>> Peace!

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