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Beloved Reverend Mother

When I left the North – the ground was brown. There were still icy barriers of snow. And as I traveled south, things got greener. I traveled relatively slowly, like a good Plain woman, by bus and train. Buds, then leaves, then flowers. Dandelions gone to seed. And as I went west by Amtrak, and farther south, into the land where chicken fried steak is accompanied by country gravy, and jello is a side dish, the landscape became lush. Corn was pointing heavenward out of the fields.

I was out of famiilar territory, past the granite croppings of New England granite and maple trees unfurling little buntings of pale green.

Iowa is a robust place. It is full of robust people, enthusiastically driving and shopping and working.

There were adventures on the way for the black-bonneted goth-gone-Plain woman on a mission.


17 responses to “Beloved Reverend Mother

  1. paulaayn

    I’m glad you used that picture. It’s one of my favourites of you. I love the Name you came up with too.

  2. Love the new name and the picture sister.

  3. Brenda ⋅

    Love it..will you be posting everything here? Work-travel-recipes and more?

  4. Shaun leaves a verbal comment here, re chicken fried steak or whatever that monstrosity is – “Here, in the land of sensible foods, it’s just called crumb steak.”

    So there you have it. Also, jelly, as a side dish? Really? Ick. I love that stuff, but for pity’s sake, America…

  5. Ember

    God bless you in all things new!

  6. e ⋅

    Have read and enjoyed your other blog for years, how strange now to find you living 2 hours from me! So glad to hear you are safe and well – prayers with you!

  7. daysofherlife ⋅

    You’re not far from me either. In fact I just might visit Kalona this month (won’t make promises) and my husband occasionally go to IA City on business (working on new hospital design in form of hvac/controls). That’s 2.5 hour drive one way. I’d love to pick your brain but no…. there’s always language barrier (my main language is sign language and secondary language is written english). May God bless you in your endeavors according to His will.

    • magdalenaperks ⋅

      Let me know if you will be around, or in Kalona on a weekend, and we will try to meet. If you come up to the city, perhaps we can find an interpreter. I’m sorry I don’t sign, and I should learn, as there is a high likelihood that my hearing loss, which is progressive, will be close to total eventually.

  8. Phil Wood

    Well, great to see you over here at your new virtual home. I do hop you’re settling in. Your plain gothy blog is duly added to my blogroll. Shalom, Phil

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